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The analysis of consistency and effective factors on falling of Jajarm Bauxite mine, North East of Iran

Zahra Hossein Mirzaee, Rasool Dadkhah

Young Researchers and Elite Club, Khorasgan (Isfahan) Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran

Key words: Consistency, Bauxite, Jajarm, Mineral zone.


08-24-2015FAO_WaterMineral zone of Jajarm alumina is located in anticline of Zou mount in northern part of Jajarm desert and southern margin of tectonic zone of Kopeh-Dagh and eastern end of eastern Alborz. Mubarak formation with carboniferous age, Elika formation with Triassic age and Shemshak formation with Jurassic age have been outcropped. The heights of this zone have been extended from north east to south west, which are correspondent with tectonic structure of eastern Alborz. This mineral zone has cut by extending faults of various slips. The function of such discontinuities in this zone led to formation of more than 12 longwalls for extracting mineral materials. Regarding this issue that understudied zone is located in eastern part of Alborz, on anticline of Zou mount, it can be inferred that the main stress direction is north west-south west. This issue can be confirmed by strike-slip faults, the extension of Zou anticline and identified direction of stratified slope. Several quoins and blocks are formed by intersection of aforementioned faults in various longwalls, and if they haven’t been identified, they may fall or slip. Present study considers the reason of falling in Zou 2 mine, the main reason is intersection of strike-slip faults and function of reversed fault in pivot of quoin.

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