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The aplication of mutation induction by gamma irradiation on cultivars yam (Dioscorea alata L.) from banggai islands, Indonesia

Aser Yalindua, Sudarsono, Asep Setiawan, H.M.H. Bintoro

Department of Biology, State University of Manado, in Tonsaru Tondano North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Jln. Meranti Campus IPB, Bogor 16680, Indonesia

Key words: Dioscorea alata L., LD50, mutation-vegeative (MV), gamma-ray.


p1751032285-4This study aims to obtain mutant plants through induced mutations gamma rays. Materials research 20 accessions of yam from Banggai Islands, Indonesia, which were irradiated with doses of 0 Gy, 10 Gy, 20 Gy, and 30 Gy using a Gamma Chamber 4000 A. The results showed the effect of growing LD50 at 0 Gy (100%), 10 Gy (88.33% ), 20 Gy (86.67%), and 30 Gy (73.33%). Effect of irradiation dose of 20 Gy and 30 Gy causes accession BDa-05 and BDa-24 on the generation of MV1, MV2 and MV3, growing spread on the soil surface. Dose of 30 Gy irradiation led to the accession the round shape yam (BDa-30) into length the MV1, MV2 and MV3 generation. MV1 and MV2, shows the effect of irradiation dose of 30 Gy was significant different from 0 Gy and 10 Gy for duration of growth. Factors yam plant accessions and gamma radiation dose factors of significant influence on the length of growing crops, tuber number, stem diameter, length and weight of tubers. Exposure to gamma radiation doses higher tends to decrease the number of tubers, stem diameter, length and weight of tubers on MV1 generation. Exposure to irradiation 20 Gy and 30 Gy may cause growth patterns accession uwi some changes from pole climbing into climbing above the soil surface. Exposure to 30 Gy irradiation led to form the BDa-30 uwi accession changed (mutated) from the previous round shape becomes elongated.

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