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The characterization and analysis of chemical contaminations of pharmaceutical industrial wastewater (case study: North of Iran)

Zahra Zamiraei, Mohammad Panahandeh, Habib FathiDokht, Nilufer Arshad

Environmental Research Institute, Academic Center for Education, Culture & Research (ACECR), 4144635699, Rasht, Iran

Key words: Pharmaceutical industry, chemical contaminations, treatment methods, formalin, heavy metal.


shutterstock_72141592This study describes a general risk-assessment and treatment approach to determine acceptable level of contaminant concentrations in the wastewater of pharmaceutical company. For definition chemical contaminants at studied company, it has reviewed available data on materials that company consumed annual. As a result, it was indicated high levels of formaldehyde, cyanide and some other heavy metals. Physicochemical parameters in liquid effluents of pharmaceutical company were determined in both chemical laboratory and open wastewater effluent channel. The paper offered a pre-treatment before traditional industrial wastewater treatment. This paper proposes a pre-treatment procedure to be applied before the traditional industrial wastewater treatment. In addition, heavy metals and cyanide in chemical laboratory are discretely removed by chemical treatment methods. It may provide effective to apply the combination of biological treatment of carbon and nutrient removal for final wastewater treatment in order to discharging to surface waters.


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