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The effect of land use planning on agricultural productivity capability (case study: Azaran watershed, Kashan, Iran)

Shapour Salavati, Daryush Yarahmadi, Maliheh Sadat Hemmesy, Leila Solgi, Tayebeh Bakshi

Payame nor University, Isfahan, Iran

Department of Geography-Climathology, Lorestan University, Khorram Abad, Iran

Department of Geography-Climathology, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran

Department of Agriculture-Biotechnology and Eugenic, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran

Key words: Land use planning, Capability of agricultural productivity, Azaran watershed in Kashan.


Land capability_web1The objective of this study was to analyze the enhancement of agricultural productivity capability with reference to land use planning programs at Azaran watershed in Kashan,Iran.For this purpose, first land use map of 2007 has been generated using Landsat satellite images and Land use map for future(Land use planning) generated using Systemic and Makhdoum (1987) evaluation model. Then, agricultural productivity data of this region in 2007 was collected by related questionnaire and cluster sampling. As result of this study, If land use planning programs will perform, the Gross income in the study region will increase by 36.1% and 36.19% and the Net income will increase 36.19% and 35.1% in a semi-mechanized and a mechanized way respectively.

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