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The evaluation of airborne respirable particulates in opencast mining area of Jharia coal field using grimm 1.109 real-time portable aerosol spectrometer

Snigdha Kundu, Asim Kumar Pal

Department of Environmental Science & Engg, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India

Key words: Grimm 1.109; PM10; PM2.5; PM1; SEM-EDX.


12226739224_decd44cdf8_zMining of coal is believed to be an environmentally unfriendly activity as all the components of environment are affected adversely. Out of these, air environment in particular is getting deteriorated significantly by various mining and associated activities, thereby causing severe harmful consequences to the exposed population. In spite of this, coal mining is essential for the development of the nation as coal forms the back-bone for electricity generation. The main emphasis of this research study has been given on the assessment of the respirable particulate matters (PM10, PM2.5, PM1)generated due to variety of mining activities specifically drilling, loading & unloading, movement of heavy duty vehicles in haul road, mine fire, etc by Grimm 1.109 Portable Aerosol Spectrometer. The study included three – hour of sampling events at three selected sampling location during peak working hours in an Opencast project (OCP) of Jharia coal field(JCF). Meteorological data during study period were also collected. The emission rate (Q) for the two selected locations in OCP was evaluated. The first location reflects drilling operation whereas second location represents the emission due to combined effect of loading/unloading operation along with mine fire. The results from Grimm 1.109 Portable Aerosol Spectrometer revealed high concentration of particulate matter (respirable, thoracic and alveoli fractions) due to various mining activities. The SEM-EDX analysis of PM10 samples collected on a fiberglass filter using a Respirable Dust Sampler was also performed in order to determine morphological/elemental status of particulate matter.

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