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The influence of climate changes on the hydrobionts: a review

Ivaylo Sirakov, Desislava Slavcheva-Sirakova

Departement of Biology and Aquaculture, Faculty of Agriculture, “Studentski grad”, Trakia University Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Key words: Climate changes, Hydrobionts, Greenhouse gases, Ocean acidification.


485267-fadacfee-4118-11e3-9370-fad865867213Climate and its changes have a direct impact on the development of the different hydrobiont species. These effects on aquatic organisms could be either positive or negative. Every species adapts specifically to natural periodic and seasonal changes, however, the response to unexpected climate changes is inconsistent and not always adequate. Climate-related factors could influence food safety via numerous pathways, namely changes in temperature and rainfall, increased frequency and intensity of extreme meteorological phenomena, ocean warming and increased acidity of aquatic habitats, higher pollution level. Climate change could also have a socioeconomical impact on population feeding i.e. agriculture, animal production (aquaculture), global trade, demographic factors and human behaviour. The paper is aimed at describing some of current and future climatic changes and their possible impact on aquatic organisms in general. Global climate influences the ocean, but the ocean also plays an essential role in global climate patterns. Aquatic organisms are actively involved in the turnover of carbon dioxide and other compounds, hence hydrobionts should not be ignored.


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