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The Nutritional Value of Tea


As a nation we enjoy drinking tea on a daily basis, getting through 165 million cups a day. On-going research is discovering that drinking just 4 cups of tea a day may offer significant health benefits.

In addition to tea’s contribution to overall daily fluid intake as well as the presence of powerful antioxidants called flavonoids, tea, when taken with milk, may also contribute to our daily intake of certain nutrients. For further information about fluid and antioxidants, please refer to the fact sheets, ‘Tea and Hydration’ and ‘Tea and Antioxidant Properties.’

Introduction Nutritional Value of Tea

Taken on its own tea has no calories. Using semi-skimmed milk adds 13 calories per cup, but also provides a number of valuable vitamins and minerals. Table 1 lists these nutrients present in 4 cups of tea, along with the added semi-skimmed milk, as well as the overall contribution to the UK Reference Nutrient Intakes. Table 2 outlines the main functions of these nutrients.

In addition to the nutrients described in Table 1, tea provides a good natural source of Fluoride. Fluoride is needed to support bone mineralisation and protect teeth against dental caries.


As well as contributing to fluid and antioxidant intake, drinking 4 cups of tea a day with milk, can provide certain vitamins and minerals, thereby helping to support overall health and well being.


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