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The possibilities for applying vulnerability assessment matrix for biodiversity in protected areas, selected protected area National Park Prokletije in Montenegro

Marijana Krivokapic

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department for Biology, Dzordza Vasingtona, b.b., Podgorica 81000, Montenegro

Key words: Vulnerability Assessment, Matrix, Model, Prokletije.


prokletVulnerability Assessment Matrix for Biodiversity is prepared for further use, as one of basic inputs for more complex analyses of Protected Areas (PA) such as Vulnerability Analyses. Mountain PA National Park (NP) Prokletije in Montenegro is selected as a testing site because of wider application of the Matrix, in different neighbouring mountain PAs (in Kosovo: NP Bjeshket e Nemuna, in Albania: NP Tethi and PA Valbona). Having in mind state of biodiversity data in Montenegro, the matrix is formulated in the way to integrate as wide as possible categories of data on NP biodiversity that also include possibility for graphic modelling for visual interpreting vulnerability assessment. Conditions for creating Vulnerability Assessment Matrix and consequently Vulnerability Analysis for the wider mountain ecoregion of Prokletije are also considered. Typical natural functions of biological but also physical components of Prokletije mountain ecosystem determining its vulnerability.

Get the original articles in Source: Volume 6, Number 6, June 2015 – JBES

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