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The relationship between elevation, soil properties and vegetation cover in the Shorb-Ol-Ain watershed of Yazd

Vajiheh Qanbari, Ali Akbar Jamali

Department of Watershed Management, Maybod Branch, Islamic Azad University, Maybod, Iran

Key words: Elevation, Soil, Topography, Vegetation cover, Watershed.


mga-vegetation-cover-sa-asya-8-638Determination of the relationship between topography, vegetation and soils is essential factor in planning and management of arid areas. This study aimed to determine the relationship between the elevation, soil properties and vegetation cover in the Shorb-Ol-Ain watershed of Yazd. The purpose of this study was to identify the relationships between elevation, soil properties and vegetation cover in the watershed in order to protect soil and water and reclamation of watersheds. Eighteen land units were determined through overlaying maps of slope, aspect and elevation using the geographic information system as a basis for soil and vegetation sampling. In each land unit, samples were taken randomly in three reapplication using the vegetation plot and soil sampling to a depth of plants rooting and soil samples were tested to determine the percentage of gravel, sand, silt, clay, lime and Electrical Conductivity (EC), power of Hydrogen (pH), and organic matter content. The relationship between the elevation, vegetation and soil were analyzed using SPSS software and considering the obtained results, it was found that the elevation has an impact on the percentage of the vegetation cover. Among the studied soil factors, only there was a significant relationship between the elevation and percentage of gravel, EC and organic matter content. According to the results of this study, physiochemical properties of soil and percentage of the vegetation cover are partly under the influence of elevation So that at higher elevations because of more moisture and lower livestock grazing, the percentage of the vegetation cover was significantly higher than lower elevations. At higher elevations, the rock and gravel amount were also more than lower elevations. On the other hand, at lower elevations, soil organic matter and soil salinity is greater than the higher elevations due to the transmission of the material by runoff and their accumulation in the lower parts of the watershed.

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