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The role Islamic work ethics in the employee engagement

Mojtaba Salmabadi, Hamid Fatehi, Mortezaheidari, Ali Asghar Mousavikia

Family Counseling, Allameh Tabataba’ i University, Tehran, Iran

Education Management, Allameh Tabataba’ i University, Tehran, Iran

School Counseling, Allameh Tabataba’ i University, Tehran, Iran

Medical Entomology, Research Assistant, Human Resources Planning Office of Education South Khorasan Province

Key words: Islamic work ethics, Work engagement, Organization.


organization-ready-implement-microlearning-001-e1452616537136Islamic work ethics is an approach towards work that views work as a virtue in people’s lives. This study was conducted to investigate The role Islamic Work Ethics in the Employee Engagement. This study was conducted based on a descriptive-correlational method. Findings showed that there was a significant positive relationship between Islamic work ethics, employee engagement, and three dimensions of work engagement. Moreover, findings indicated that Islamic work ethic scan serve as predictor of work engagement. The present study was conducted using a questionnaire and had the limitations of all studies conducted by a questionnaire, including the degree of confidence to responses of the participants. Since the target population and statistical sample (cluster random sampling) of this study were teachers of Khosf County, then generalization of the results to the rest of the population should be made with caution. Finally, it is recommended that managers in future studies examine this issue in different societies at national and regional levels. In practice, it is recomended that managers take appropriate measures and actions that lead to increased engagment in the work and dynamic activities at work. This will promote work engagement and consequently the organizational performance.

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