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The value of flood risk reduction in selected communities near the pulangui river in bukidnon, Philippines

Michael Arieh P. Medina and Jocereal G. Arche

Department of Environmental Science, College of Forestry and Environmental Science, Central Mindanao University, University Town, Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines

Key words: Flood Risk Reduction, Contingent Valuation, Regression Analysis, Pulangui River.


AhplLtBCIAEjkxZTo estimate the economic value of the benefits of a structural flood prevention program in flood prone areas near the Pulangui River in Bukidnon, Philippines, a contingent valuation study using the willingness to contribute labor (WTCL) format was conducted. The study also explored the socio-demographic determinants of WTCL in order to determine the factors influencing the residents’ future contribution of voluntary labor in a flood prevention project. A survey was conducted in three flood prone barangays in the province of Bukidnon namely: Batangan, Valencia City; Dologon, Maramag; and Camp 1, Maramag. A bidding game procedure was employed to reveal their WTCL. The results showed that the respondents are willing to contribute an average of 10.02 man days of labor in a flood prevention program per year. Interestingly, this is greatly higher than results from similar studies abroad. Consequently, the economic value of the benefits of residents from a structural flood prevention project is estimated at around PHP 3M per year based on the minimum daily wage rate. Using multiple linear regression, gender and poverty revealed significant influences on the respondents’ WTCL. Male respondents and those with higher income are more likely to contribute labor than those of the opposite gender and income class.


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