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Toxicity of silver nanoparticles in fish: a critical review

Muhammad Saleem Khan, Farhat Jabeen, Naureen Aziz Qureshi, Muhammad Saleem Asghar, Muhammad Shakeel and Aasma Noureen

Department of Zoology, GC University Faisalabad, Pakistan

GC Women University Faisalabad, Pakistan

Key words: Silver, Nanoparticles, Uses, Toxicity, Fish model.


cadnav-150H11SZ7The variable spectrum of applications largely depends upon silver physicochemical and biological properties which changes as the particles are decreased to nano-scale. This unique behavior is responsible for the larger use of silver in consumer product and industry. Since little information is available about toxicity to the organisms practically in the aquatic environment, the predication of possible environmental hazards and remedy are the hot topics of current research studies. Researchers are drawing more and more data from appropriate model organisms. Fish being aquatic organism is badly affected by Ag-NPs, so concern of potential risk to aquatic organism increases. The toxicity endpoints include growth and reproduction impairment, mortality and biochemical changes in both adult fish and embryos. Being a healthy food for human, the researchers try to know how Ag-NPs can affect the fish and its body when sizes decrease to nano-scale. Therefore, fish is extensively studied model in the toxicological studies. It examined some of these studies which address the adverse effects of Ag-NPs on biological systems of different fish group predicting the dose dependent toxicity. The organisms more acutely sensitive have lower LC50 values. All the studies also indicated that silver ions released from Ag-NPs surface contributes to toxicity. Therefore, it is suggested that emphasis should be placed on upcoming investigations for the evaluation of environmental impact of nano-silver in both in vitro and in vivo studies. The effect of long term exposure and bioaccumulation of silver through food web should be unmasked and discussed in detail.

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