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Un estudio sobre el estado de la regeneración de Dodonaea viscosa en bosque de Malakand división- (Spanish)

Mohammad Nabi, Mohammad Ullah, Amin Ullah Jan, Ayaz Ahmad

Department of Botany, University of Malakand, Pakistan

Department of Botany, University of Malakand Chakdara Dir (L) KPK, Pakistan

Key words: Regeneration, Dodonaea viscosa, forest, correlation, conservation.

Dodonaea_viscosa_(Hopbush)_W_IMG_1899This investigation was conducted in a forest area of Malakand Division Pakistan from 2012-13 to determine the natural regeneration status of Dodonaea viscosa, and correlate its regeneration intensity with slope, aspect, fuel wood collection area also to find out the total number of sapling in forest of Malakand division of D. viscosa. The natural regeneration capability of D. viscosa revealed that 18.33 % indicates excellent regeneration’ 25.83 % shows good regeneration and 55.83% showed poor regeneration. In the whole forest of Malakand Division there are 1, 66, 78,779Seedling/saplings. The maximum regeneration was found on South-western aspect whereas minimum were found on the North-eastern aspect. Significant positive correlation was found between aspect and regeneration intensity. Terrain Slope and fuelwood collection intensity area had significant effect on the regeneration of D. viscosa. Further investigations are needed for the regeneration and conservation of D.viscosa

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