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Why Women Still Look Pregnant After Giving Birth

pregnant-womanEver wondered why women still look pregnant after giving birth? Sometimes eight weeks after giving birth, some women still look pregnant.

According to a publication in Daily Mail, the reason why women still look pregnant even after giving birth is due to the slow-shrinking uterus.

The uterus shrinks slowly after a woman gives birth. It doesn’t deflate instantly.

During pregnancy, the uterus expands to accommodate the growing baby, rising above the pubic bone and pushing out the abdomen.

The body isn’t an elastic band so it can’t bounce back instantly after giving birth. It can take between six and eight weeks to lose the baby bump.

According to the publication by Daily Mail, the speed at which a woman’s frame recovers after birth is dependant on her age, the size of her baby, how it was delivered, the strength of her abdomen and her pre-pregnancy weight.

Women who exercise regularly during pregnancy, who didn’t eat too much during pregnancy and gained less than two pounds during pregnancy will lose their baby bump quicker. Breastfeeding also helps you lose the baby bump too.


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